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Na Nguyen Le

Sep 28, 2020, 11:38:20 PM9/28/20
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Dear all,

I am using SubjectsPlus to create subject guides at Hoa Sen University. From 01/09/2020, we provided using SG cho Student. 
I want to see the statistics of views SG and see number of view change everyday. However, in SubjectsPlus shows "your guide views last month".
Please help me explain the significance of this statistic.

Thank you so much,
Best regards,
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Andrew Darby

Sep 30, 2020, 4:49:41 PM9/30/20
to subjec...@googlegroups.com

This is meant to be a rough idea of the relative popularity of guides, so I think you really should set up Google Analytics or some other tool if you want to get better stats.  I haven't looked into this recently, but I think you will get overcounts using this internal tool:  first, if you have tabs, I think each tab click is counted as a hit; and secondly, it is not screening out bots (which Google would do).
If you wanted to get weekly tallies, you could query against the stats table.  There is a "date" column (which seems to be storing the dates in UNIX timestamps), so you could work with that.  There is code you could presumably tweak in here:

alternately, you could just tweak this and

to display the weekly stats.

Still, I think using Google Analytics would be preferable.  You can set that up via Admin > Edit Config > API in the SubjectsPlus backend.

Hope this helps,


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Na Nguyen Le

Sep 30, 2020, 6:08:20 PM9/30/20
to subjec...@googlegroups.com, Andrew Darby
Dear Andrew,
I understood and started with Google Analytics.
Google Analytics is new for me, I need to learn more about it and wait to see how it works in our website.

Thank you very much for the answer that was very helpful to me. Good day, sir.
Kind regards

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