Electric ducted fan for lift+cruise evtol

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Tim S

Sep 6, 2022, 9:57:17 AM9/6/22

I am currently setting up an evtol in a lift+cruise configuration and want to include an electric ducted fan (edf). The network for this has been set up next to the lift+cruise network. I now want to exchange the propellers with an edf. 

For that I am currently sizing the edf with the SUAVE.Methods.Propulsion.ducted_fan_sizing.ducted_fan_sizing method. I have some assumptions but I am not exactly sure if this is for a battery electric ducted fan, meaning the Battery_Ducted_Fan network or if this is for a turbofan.  I assumed that the propulsor is created using the ducted_fan_sizing method. Also I am not sure how the motor is created for the edf or if it is also sized using this function. 

Is it possible to replace the propellers with an edf in the lift+cruise configuration or does this need to be implemented? 

All the best,


Sep 6, 2022, 2:54:21 PM9/6/22
Hi Tim,
The ducted fan model is very different from a propeller model. The ducted fan is based on 1-D flow like a turbomachinery model. We don't currently have a lift+cruise ducted fan model. So you would need to build up a network and splice them together. It is an exercise in book keeping to do so.

I would take a hard look at whether a 1-D compressor/fan model is what you're looking for before you make the change. You can experiment by trying a battery ducted fan for hover and cruise. If you're happy, then like I said it's book keeping exercise to make a new network.


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