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Oct 18, 2010, 5:02:37 PM10/18/10
to Study at MESPOM
I am interested in the MESPOM program.
I am taking the TOEFL test in two weeks and they will send you my
scores as soon as they are ready. I sent them with the code 0069 for
the school in Budapest, was that right?
Then, I just need to send the rest of the documentation, right?
I am a Mexican citizen and a resident in the USA. I am married and I
understand that applying for the category A will cover all my
expenses but, do you have any advise of where my husband can find
information about jobs? He is an American English/French/Spanish/
Italian teacher.
Many thanks!

Anton Shkaruba

Oct 18, 2010, 5:25:25 PM10/18/10
Dear Paola,

yes, you are doing right with TOEFL; all that you need is just to specify CEU institutional code 0069.

All the submission procedure is done electronically, and you'll need to submit only scanned copies of your original documents.

The scholarship A covers the tuition fee and allows for a stipend covering your living expenses.

I cannot give an advise for your husband, unfortunately, as I am not really familiar with the local job market.

best regards,


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Anton Shkaruba, PhD
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