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Mar 2, 2014, 12:53:42 PM3/2/14

The Arp filter is most defintely distinct from the moog filter.

It is quite a  bit louder. Which is of course confusing why this would be it must be feeding the vca a stronger signal?

It sounds stronger and bolder in addition to the loudness difference. I wonder if this is not some kind of subtle overdrive but that is a subjective assessment so may not be valid. To be is not fuzzy or distorted sounding.

In some ways it is a bit loke the oberheim lpf but to my ears is better.

I would recommend the Arp filter over all the optional filters...even the cs80.

I think the Cs80 filter would come alive with polyphonic aftertouch...i hope that may someday be implemented.

My feeling is that the Arp filter makes the omega sound as good as a jupiter8.

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Subject: [STUDIOELECTRONICS] CODE - ARP or 303 Filters?
Date: Sun, Mar 2, 2014 3:47 am

I have the CS-80 filters and love them the most being able to have Hi and
Lo pass separately controllable.  As for the Arp or 303, I have a few 303s
and had an Arp 2600 and Odyssey for a few years.  Also heard the Boomstar
4075 so it's hard to say if either of these filters are much different
sounding than the Moog ones.  I really would like to have MS-20 or Roland
types available, but of these two to fill my CODE, which has the most
potential to differentiate patches from each other?

Thanks, Dan

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