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Nov 2, 2011, 11:03:04 PM11/2/11
to Students for Staff
To Whom It May Concern:

We recognize and greatly appreciate the vast amount of time and energy
that has been put into providing resources for students, and we hope
that that same vision and intention can be extended equally to all
members of our community. What follows is the first of a list demands
made by a group of over one hundred concerned students who have,
during our current campus crisis, noticed issues in the way certain
members of our Wesleyan community– specifically staff and their
families– have had their needs marginalized, and their current
circumstances are untenable. We do not speak for those who we voice
our concern for, but rather speak from what we have seen and what we
think ought to be done to remedy the situation. We choose only to
release the first of these demands at this time, as we are in the
process of discussing these issues with those who they most directly
affect in order to have their voices heard and have them be able to
participate in the creation of solutions. In addition to this, we are
drafting a petition encompassing those issues and demands most
pressing to the staff and their families, which we will be circulating
to the Wesleyan community following its approval by this general
assembly of concerned students.

We demand that the university immediately provide facilities and
provisions to all members of staff and their families during this time
of crisis, at the very least as long as staff are required to be on
campus. These include but are not limited to free access to laundry
facilities, showers, shelter, food and childcare. Furthermore, we
demand that it be made university policy to provide these services to
all members of the Wesleyan community during future emergencies.

As we recognize the urgency of this situation, we are currently
pooling our resources as students to provide whatever relief we can to
Wesleyan’s staff and their families. We feel that it is necessary that
all members of our shared community support each other and those that
are struggling in this time of need.

Concerned Students
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