Structured Data Website Launch

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Stéphane Corlosquet

Aug 19, 2011, 2:35:40 PM8/19/11

A number of Web developers from the RDFa, Microdata and Microformats communities announce the launch of the Structured Data website and community. There are a number of syntaxes for expressing structured data in HTML today: RDFa, Microdata and Microformats. While each syntax has its own parsing rules and data model, the underlying concept among all of them is the same - to express Structured Data in HTML.

The Structured Data website provides resources to learn about, markup and debug structured data in HTML, including RDFa, Microdata and Microformats. One of the new features, not available anywhere else, is a unified Structured Data Linting Service, complete with Google Rich Snippets and examples in both Microdata and RDFa format. The Structured Data Linter provides a unified service for verifying and visualizing the structured data contained in web pages, and supports the RDFa and Microdata syntaxes, with Microformats support on the way.

At the time of this announcement, the Google and Microsoft testing tools do not support markup in RDFa or Microdata. The need for such linting service has been expressed many times on the mailing list and we are happy to announce that the service is now available. Gregg Kellogg has been instrumental in creating the linting service with support from Stéphane Corlosquet. Web developers may now use the linter service to ensure that their Microdata or RDFa markup is valid.

The Structured Data Linting Service is a beta launch and thus contains a number of bugs. That said, we felt that it would be best to get this tool into the hands of the Web developer community. We invite the Web developer community to try it out, report bugs, suggest new features and contribute new ideas and code. All of the source code is released under a public domain dedication and is available on github.


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