Survey of Differential Logic

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Jon Awbrey

Feb 26, 2024, 12:18:35 PMFeb 26
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Survey of Differential Logic • 7


This is a Survey of work in progress on Differential Logic,
resources under development toward a more systematic treatment.

Differential logic is the component of logic whose object is
the description of variation — the aspects of change, difference,
distribution, and diversity — in universes of discourse subject to
logical description.

A definition as broad as that naturally incorporates any study of
variation by way of mathematical models, but differential logic is
especially charged with the qualitative aspects of variation pervading
or preceding quantitative models.

To the extent a logical inquiry makes use of a formal system,
its differential component treats the use of a differential
logical calculus — a formal system with the expressive capacity
to describe change and diversity in logical universes of discourse.

Please follow the above link for the full set of resources.
Articles and blog series on the core ideas are linked below.

Differential Logic • The Logic of Change and Difference

Differential Propositional Calculus

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Differential Logic and Dynamic Systems



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