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Jon Awbrey

May 22, 2024, 3:40:36 PMMay 22
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Transformations of Logical Graphs • Discussion 1

Re: Laws of Form

Mauro Bertani

Dear Mauro,

The couple of pages linked below give the clearest and
quickest introduction I've been able to manage so far when
it comes to the elements of logical graphs, at least, in the
way I've come to understand them. The first page gives a lot
of detail by way of motivation and computational implementation,
so you could easily put that off till you feel a need for it.
The second page lays out the precise axioms or initials I use —
the first algebraic axiom varies a bit from Spencer Brown for
a better fit with C.S. Peirce — and also shows the parallels
between the dual interpretations.

Logical Graphs • First Impressions

Logical Graphs • Formal Development

Additional Resources —

Logic Syllabus

Survey of Animated Logical Graphs

Survey of Semiotics, Semiosis, Sign Relations



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