Survey of Inquiry Driven Systems

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Jon Awbrey

Feb 28, 2024, 3:48:58 PMFeb 28
to Conceptual Graphs, Cybernetic Communications, Laws of Form, Structural Modeling, SysSciWG
Survey of Inquiry Driven Systems • 6


This is a Survey of work in progress on Inquiry Driven Systems,
material I plan to refine toward a more systematic treatment
of the subject.

An “inquiry driven system” is a system having among its
state variables some representing its state of information
with respect to various questions of interest, for example,
its own state and the states of potential object systems.
Thus it has a component of state tracing a trajectory
though an “information state space”.

Please follow the above link for the full set of resources.
Articles treating the more central ideas are linked below.

Elements —

Prospects for Inquiry Driven Systems

Introduction to Inquiry Driven Systems

Background —

Functional Logic • Inquiry and Analogy

Functional Logic • Quantification Theory

Functional Logic • Higher Order Propositions

Developments —

Inquiry Driven Systems • Inquiry Fields

Inquiry Driven Systems • Inquiry Into Inquiry

Applications —

Conceptual Barriers to Creating Integrative Universities

Interpretation as Action • The Risk of Inquiry

An Architecture for Inquiry • Building Computer Platforms for Discovery

Exploring Research Data Interactively • Theme One : A Program of Inquiry



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