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Jon Awbrey

Feb 29, 2024, 12:00:16 PMFeb 29
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Survey of Theme One Program • 6


This is a Survey of resources for the Theme One Program
I worked on all through the 1980s. The aim was to develop
fundamental algorithms and data structures for integrating
empirical learning with logical reasoning.

I had earlier developed separate programs for basic components
of those tasks, namely, two‑level formal language learning and
propositional constraint satisfaction, the latter using an extension
of C.S. Peirce's logical graphs as a syntax for propositional logic.
Thus arose the question of how well it might be possible to get
“empiricist” and “rationalist” modes of operation to cooperate.
The long‑term vision is the design and implementation of an
Automated Research Tool able to double as a platform for
Inquiry Driven Education.

Please follow the above link for the full set of resources.
A collection of articles on the core ideas is linked below.

Wiki Hub —

Theme One Program • Overview

Documentation —

Theme One Program • Pascal Source Code

Theme One Program • User Guide

Theme One Program • Exposition

Applications —

Applications of a Propositional Calculator • Constraint Satisfaction Problems

Exploratory Qualitative Analysis of Sequential Observation Data

References —

An Architecture for Inquiry • Building Computer Platforms for Discovery

Exploring Research Data Interactively • Theme One : A Program of Inquiry



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