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Jon Awbrey

Oct 14, 2022, 9:48:22 AM10/14/22
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Re: Scott Aaronson ( https://scottaaronson.blog/ )
::: Explanation-Gödel and Plausibility-Gödel
( https://scottaaronson.blog/?p=6754 )


A general heuristic in problem solving suggests priming the pump
with a stronger hypothesis. Applying that strategy here would
have us broaden the grounds of validity, our notion of validation,
from purely deductive proofs to more general forms of inference.
Along that line, and following a lead from Aristotle, C.S. Peirce
recognized three distinct modes of inference, called abductive,
deductive, and inductive reasoning, and that way of thinking has
even had some traction in AI from the days of Warren S. McCulloch on.
At any rate I think it helps to view our questions in that ballpark.
There’s a budget of resources and running thoughts on the matter
I keep on the following page.

• Survey of Abduction, Deduction, Induction, Analogy, Inquiry
( https://inquiryintoinquiry.com/2020/12/16/survey-of-abduction-deduction-induction-analogy-inquiry-2/ )


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