Differential Logic

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Jon Awbrey

Jan 4, 2020, 12:00:25 PM1/4/20
to Cybernetic Communications, Ontolog Forum, Structural Modeling, SysSciWG
Re: Patterns of change in multi-dimensional boolean spaces ...

Here's a collection of resource links on Differential Logic:

* Differential Propositional Calculus
This is probably the best to read first.

* Differential Propositional Calculus : Appendices
For reference and examples -- but needs some reformatting
due to recent changes in the MediaWiki version of LaTeX.

* Differential Logic
Part 1. https://oeis.org/wiki/Differential_Logic_%E2%80%A2_Part_1
Part 2. https://oeis.org/wiki/Differential_Logic_%E2%80%A2_Part_2

* Differential Logic and Dynamic Systems
Overview (Table of Contents with Links to Sections)
Part 1. https://oeis.org/wiki/Differential_Logic_and_Dynamic_Systems_%E2%80%A2_Part_1
Part 2. https://oeis.org/wiki/Differential_Logic_and_Dynamic_Systems_%E2%80%A2_Part_2
Part 3. https://oeis.org/wiki/Differential_Logic_and_Dynamic_Systems_%E2%80%A2_Part_3
Part 4. https://oeis.org/wiki/Differential_Logic_and_Dynamic_Systems_%E2%80%A2_Part_4
Part 5. https://oeis.org/wiki/Differential_Logic_and_Dynamic_Systems_%E2%80%A2_Part_5



Jon Awbrey

Feb 9, 2020, 10:01:47 AM2/9/20
to Cybernetic Communications, Ontolog Forum, Structural Modeling, SysSciWG
Cf: Survey of Differential Logic : 2
At: http://inquiryintoinquiry.com/2020/02/08/survey-of-differential-logic-%e2%80%a2-2/


My old worksite at the InterSciWiki has gone down, looks like permanently,
so I've been updating links and formatting to my new digs at the OEIS wiki.

Here's a newly updated Survey ( http://inquiryintoinquiry.com/surveys/ )
of previous blog and wiki posts on Differential Logic, material I plan to
develop toward a more compact and systematic account.


* Differential Propositional Calculus
( https://oeis.org/wiki/Differential_Propositional_Calculus )

* Differential Logic
( https://oeis.org/wiki/Differential_Logic_%E2%80%A2_Overview )


* Minimal Negation Operator
( https://oeis.org/wiki/Minimal_negation_operator )

* Cactus Language
( https://oeis.org/wiki/Cactus_Language_%E2%80%A2_Overview )


* Differential Logic and Dynamic Systems
( https://oeis.org/wiki/Differential_Logic_and_Dynamic_Systems_%E2%80%A2_Overview )

* Differential Analytic Turing Automata
( https://oeis.org/wiki/Differential_Analytic_Turing_Automata )

Blog Dialogs

* Differential Logic
( https://inquiryintoinquiry.com/2008/07/29/differential-logic/ )

* Differential Logic and Dynamic Systems : Overview
( https://inquiryintoinquiry.com/2019/09/10/differential-logic-and-dynamic-systems-%e2%80%a2-overview/ )

* The Present Is Big With The Future
( https://inquiryintoinquiry.com/?s=The+Present+Is+Big+With+The+Future )

* All Process, No Paradox
( https://inquiryintoinquiry.com/?s=All+Process+No+Paradox )

* Time, Topology, Differential Logic
( https://inquiryintoinquiry.com/?s=Time+Topology+Differential+Logic )

* Differential Logic, Dynamic Systems, Tangent Functors
( https://inquiryintoinquiry.com/?s=Differential+Logic+Dynamic+Systems+Tangent+Functors )


* Frankl Conjecture
( http://inquiryintoinquiry.com/category/frankl-conjecture/ )



inquiry into inquiry: https://inquiryintoinquiry.com/
academia: https://independent.academia.edu/JonAwbrey
oeiswiki: https://www.oeis.org/wiki/User:Jon_Awbrey
facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JonnyCache

joseph simpson

Feb 9, 2020, 6:01:57 PM2/9/20
to structura...@googlegroups.com, Cybernetic Communications, Ontolog Forum, SysSciWG

Good luck, hope things return to a more normal state soon.

Take care, be good to yourself and have fun,


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Joe Simpson

“Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. 

Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. 

All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people.”

George Bernard Shaw
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Jon Awbrey

May 14, 2021, 4:00:23 PMMay 14
to Cybernetic Communications, Laws of Form, Ontolog Forum, Structural Modeling, SysSciWG
Cf: Differential Logic • Comment 5

Re: Peirce List
::: John Sowa : “Modal Logic Is An Immense Swamp”

Dear John,

Best title I’ve read in a long time!
But the really immense swamp critter
here is the Naturally Evolved Organon
known as ornery natural language which
resists any augmentation by mathematics
and keeps trying to get by with a motley
assortment of evolution’s legacy software.

Re: Dana Scott:
"Tense operators (otherwise how can
you formulate principles of change?)"

The way physics adapted to quantitative change was not by
adding tense operators to Descartes’ analytic geometry but
by Leibniz and Newton developing the differential calculus.
The way logic will handle qualitative change is by finding
the appropriate logical analogue of differential calculus.
I took a few steps in that direction with the work linked
on the following page.

• Survey of Differential Logic



Jon Awbrey

May 16, 2021, 10:32:37 AMMay 16
to Cybernetic Communications, Laws of Form, Ontolog Forum, Peirce List, Structural Modeling, SysSciWG
Cf: Survey of Differential Logic • 3


I am finding one effect of the pandemic has been been to
blot out my memory of much work I blogged over the year and
many group discussions I have in mind as being “recent” and
“I’ll get back to it” actually occurred several months ago.
Thinking it will serve memory to recycle the more eddifying
currents of water under the bridge, here’s an update of my
Survey page on Differential Logic.

There's a lot of links, so I'll leave Readers on their own
recognizance to follow what they will from the link above.



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