Animated Logical Graphs

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Jon Awbrey

Mar 31, 2023, 1:08:14 PMMar 31
to Cybernetic Communications, Laws of Form, Ontolog Forum, Structural Modeling, SysSciWG

I've been thinking about ways to connect the species of logical graphs
I've been developing out of Peirce's entitative and existential graphs
with the styles of logical graphs envisioned in the RDF Surfaces group.

One thing arising out of those reflections was I began to tease apart
two layers of structure, the one involved in conceiving and computing
logical formulas and the other employed in displaying the end results.

At any rate, I'll be exploring that theme further as we go ...

For now, here's one overview of some work already done —

Cf: Survey of Animated Logical Graphs

This is a Survey of blog and wiki posts on Logical Graphs, encompassing
several families of graph-theoretic structures originally developed by
Charles S. Peirce as graphical formal languages or visual styles of
syntax amenable to interpretation for logical applications.

Please follow the link above for the full set of resources.
For now I'll just give links to a couple of beginning pieces.

Logical Graphs • Introduction

Logical Graphs • Formal Development


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