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Jun 16, 2008, 5:17:39 PM6/16/08
to Strongtalk-general
I've checked in a change to fix some of the problems with

Before the change although doesNotUnderstand: was being called for
interpreted lookups, the result returned (if any) was never used. If
you overrode doesNotUnderstand: in a subclass to return a value the
value was discarded and the VM would end up in an endless loop,
repeating the call, or it would result in a stack overflow. Performs
would not call doesNotUnderstand: at all. Neither would compiled

The first two cases are now solved - doesNotUnderstand: is called and
behaves correctly for interpreted lookups and for performs. I still
need to fix the compiled code case.

If you want to check out the change, you will need to use the gcc-
linux branch. Since the full build also runs the C++ tests for the VM,
you will need to file in DoesNotUnderstandFixture.dlt from
StrongtalkSource and save your image, if you want a clean build.

Regards, Steve
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