Stressapptest for DDR stress test?

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EE HW Designer

Jun 8, 2020, 6:05:28 PM6/8/20
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Hello All,
I am new using Stressapptest  and I would like get more information regarding the data patterns (120 per the app logs) built-in into the tool and how they are used (what is the sequence, etc..) I am using the app to  stress DDR4 and LPDDR4 interfaces and currently I have come with the following command line +arguments:

./stressapptest -W --max_erros 1 -m 4 -I 4 -M 256 -v 20 -s 15  -l stressapptest_log.txt &

 -W  Use more CPU-stressful memory copy

 --max_errors n   exit early after finding 'n' errors

-i threads       number of memory invert threads to run

-m threads       number of memory copy threads to run

-M mbytes        megabytes of ram to test (auto-detect all memory available)

-s seconds       number of seconds to run

-v level : verbosity (0-20) (default: 8)

-l logfile : log output to file 'logfile' (none)

What does -W: Use more CPU-stressful memory copy do? How is it more stressful?

Can someone describe what the tool sequence will be? Giving -v 20 give some inside but does not say anything about how is uses the 120 data patterns or if the tool is looking for bad bits or bad surrounding bits?

Nick Sanders

Jun 8, 2020, 6:46:33 PM6/8/20
Each 1 MB block of memory is initialized with a pattern. In memory copy threads, they are copied in entirety onto
other blocks randomly, with a data check during the copy. 

"-W" will run a copy accelerated with vector instructions if available for that CPU type (it will copy faster),
or otherwise intersperse floating point operations (it will use more power and copy about the same speed).

The tool simply looks for any data that is read back with differing data than what was written. Most patterns are targeted at
finding errors on the memory bus rather than internal to the DRAM, although stressapptest can find both kinds of errors.


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