Memory allocation failure

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Kavin Ashokan

Oct 7, 2021, 1:10:54 PM10/7/21
Dear group members,
I am using stressapptest to stress my DDR along with a 32-bit Linux kernel.
I am trying to stress less than 80% of the DDR memory available but stressapptest throws
a "failed to allocate memory" message. I have shared the logs for your reference. Kindly please help me
on unblocking this issue. I am a noob to the Linux kernel environment. thanks in advance for your help.

root@:/# cat /proc/meminfo | head -5
MemTotal:        1826896 kB
MemFree:         1708308 kB
MemAvailable:    1694060 kB
Buffers:            2484 kB
Cached:             9520 kB
root@:/# ./stressapptest -M 900
2021/09/25-06:48:59(UTC) Log: Commandline - ./stressapptest -M 900
2021/09/25-06:48:59(UTC) Stats: SAT revision 1.0.7_autoconf, 32 bit binary
2021/09/25-06:48:59(UTC) Log: varada @ CHEPSSW01 on Wed Aug 27 12:05:13 IST 2014 from open source release
2021/09/25-06:48:59(UTC) Log: 1 nodes, 4 cpus.
2021/09/25-06:48:59(UTC) Log: Defaulting to 4 copy threads
2021/09/25-06:48:59(UTC) Log: Flooring memory allocation to multiple of 4: 900MB
2021/09/25-06:48:59(UTC) Log: Prefer plain malloc memory allocation.
2021/09/25-06:48:59(UTC) Process Error: memalign returned 0
2021/09/25-06:48:59(UTC) Process Error: failed to allocate memory
2021/09/25-06:48:59(UTC) Process Error: Sat::Initialize() failed
2021/09/25-06:48:59(UTC) Status: FAIL - test encountered procedural errors
2021/09/25-06:48:59(UTC) Process Error: Fatal issue encountered. See above logs for details.
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