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Oct 8, 2018, 9:06:32 AM10/8/18
to stressapptest-discuss
Dear sir,
    I found SAT set the page size to 1024*1024, but os support is 4K (or 64K) by default. why ?
static const int kSatPageSize = (1024LL*1024LL);

    Magic is this, whoops..When copythread work, the blocksize is 4096...
int WorkerThread::CrcCheckPage(struct page_entry *srcpe) {
const int blocksize = 4096;


Nick Sanders

Oct 17, 2018, 2:23:36 PM10/17/18
to stressappt...@googlegroups.com
"pagesize" in SAT is just the size of the block data filled with a single pattern and tracked with metadata. The size was chosen more or less arbitrarily. big enough to not have too many pages' metadata to store, but small enough to have a variety of patterns. 

"blocksize" is the size passed into the memcopy routine and is also pretty arbitrary. Neither of these are related to the OS or disk concepts of block or pages, and the values shouldn't affect test coverage or functionality much.


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