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Jeremy Lawson

Oct 9, 2013, 10:04:20 PM10/9/13
I have a custom field (called Notes, type Text Field or Text Area; tested as both).

When editing a subscriber in the Web Interface, this field can contain tab and newline character(s).
When exporting the subscribers list, these characters export fine too.

e.g. (for indication only, not a real file)
Email Address Opt Status ... Notes Height active ... "Line1 col1 Line1 col2
Line2 col1" Tall

When importing a file, either through the API, or manually through the Web Interface, column content is truncated.
e.g. Notes would be imported as "Line1 col1", omitting the tab and subsequent content such as "Line1 col2".

e.g. Effective content - this is how the imported interprets my above import.
Email Address Opt Status ... Notes Height active ... "Line1 col1" Tall

N.B. When importing a file through the Web Interface, the column picker previews content from the first line in the file. This preview correctly shows tabs and subsequent content (i.e. not truncated).
This column picker was not tested with content containing newlines.

Would like some feedback on this. I've read other articles in here about how the importer used to truncate on length, but was fixed for that.



Chris O'Meara

Oct 11, 2013, 10:43:55 AM10/11/13
Hi Jeremy,

I agree the import is not behaving like you would expect. Please open a ticket with our support group so that we can keep you apprised of progress as we investigate this import problem.

Chris O'Meara
Director Of Engineering

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