Sending Web App Transactional Emails

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Jan 30, 2013, 12:52:24 PM1/30/13
I have a web app that is integrated with a StreamSend account through the api. With so much effect put into the reputation of our StreamSend account's IP address, I would like to use StreamSend's API to send transactional emails from the web app. For example, when somebody completes a purchase, I want to be able to send the receipt to that one specific user through the API.

Is using the "test" method of the Blasts Controller the only way to do this?

Are there any limitations of the "test" method that may cause a problem with this? 

Does the 'to' email address of the "test" request have to be an "active" subscriber?

Do the "test" emails have a lower priority when being sent?

It seems like it would work fine. I guess the fact that is it called "test" makes me not want to rely on it. :)

Any other thoughts?

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