Recommended way to have user sessions?

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Dec 22, 2015, 5:55:51 PM12/22/15
to StratifiedJS
Apologies if I missed this in the documentation and forum (searched for session/s, authentication, authorization): I am trying to decide how to tackle session management using conductance. In particular for the convenient apis conductance creates with .api files. Are there any plans by the core team to introduce/extend modules to provide utilities for this? If not, what general strategy would be recommended?

Alexander Fritze

Dec 24, 2015, 7:48:39 PM12/24/15
Hi Shante,

The way we currently handle sessions in our own conductance-based
applications is to 'hide' the actual session api behind a 'login' api
function. The login function returns the session api when it
recognizes the passed-in credentials.

See for a minimal top-down
structured application that demos this (works in both the released
0.5.1 version and with the current 'master' branch version of

For our upcoming release (hopefully spring '16), we'll have better
built-in support for user/session management (also built-in oauth
flows, to authenticate with e.g. google), a built-in db (based on
leveldb), as well as better integration with various external cloud
services, and new features in our ui framework. There's an application
at (deployed at that demos a bunch of this stuff, but
the source code might be confusing as it uses features from the
conductance master branch that are still undocumented.

Happy Holidays!
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