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Darren Cruse

Nov 13, 2015, 8:47:22 AM11/13/15
to StratifiedJS
Hi we're looking at a new project at my work where SEO is really important.

My impression has been that as the "single page application" frameworks like Angular and React have become popular people haven't paid a lot of attention that they do have the same problems e.g. flash had when it comes to SEO.

But I have some examples of the newer "isomorphic" frameworks (with javascript on the server) doing server side rendering of the html to address SEO.

Does or will conductance have any particular support for such things to help make SEO easy?

(if the answer's really no that people who need SEO shouldn't *truly* be "single page" but can use the highly interactive DOM manipulating features on *each* page that's fine - my impression is that's realistically the only easy answer with angular/react/etc too - I was just curious - partly since it appears you can run most stratifiedjs things in the browser or the server correct?).

Thanks again,


Alexander Fritze

Nov 13, 2015, 9:42:13 AM11/13/15
Hi Darren,

Yes, it takes a bit of careful planning, but it is possible to write
multi-page applications with Conductance where each page can be
constructed by the server in response to a HTTP request as well as
directly in the browser.

Many of our UI-construction primitives (in the 'surface' module) work
on both the server and client, so code that constructs the pages can -
for the most part - be shared between client and server.

Here's an example of a little proof-of-concept SEO-capable app we're
working on (it's still work-in-progress, so please mind the ui

If you e.g. go to and look
at the network traffic, then you'll see that the fully constructed
page is sent over from the server (you can even turn off JS in your
browser, and it will still render). If OTOH I navigate to this page
from my story index while I am 'in' the application, then the page
will be rendered fully on the client side.

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