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Nov 7, 2016, 8:24:47 AM11/7/16
to StratifiedJS

In my updated IDE, we are moving toward "use strict"; for a bunch of reasons. It looks like the most recent version of Stratified.js does not play nicely. It has hundreds of "errors" that strict mode dislikes. A ton of the usual == instead of ===, and using != instead of !==. I could fix those myself, but then there are lots more that I don't feel qualified to mess with. Things like this:

'aborted_target' is already defined.
'body' is already defined.
'clear0' is already defined.
'i' is already defined.
's' is already defined.
Expected a 'break' statement before a 'case'.
Expected a conditional expression and instead saw an assignment.

and many, many more.

Any chance that you can update Stratified.js so it passes the "use strict"; validations?

Alexander Fritze

Nov 7, 2016, 11:30:46 AM11/7/16
Yeah, that's a good idea. Let me see how hard it would be.
Which version of SJS do you use? The one straight from the github
master branch, or the released version (which is quite old)?
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