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Feb 22, 2012, 6:01:40 PM2/22/12
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i already have a domain ive purchased approximately 5-6 years ago now.
maybe longer, dunno havent looked.

anyway... long story short.

I had this dream of story telling about cyber crime on computers and
on the Internet as a whole. so i created ..

However... at that time i couldnt find any suitable platform to use
until now. You see i'd like to make cybercrime-stories interactive
with other users on the net. There are many victims out there and many
want to share their stories.

Presently at ive merely only place content on
identity theft and did nothing more. I waited and waited for something
i could use and now i think ive found what would be ideal.

And since the internet is having a lot on computer crime and the
prevention watch is still growing, i think
would be very useful and needed for the public eye.

Does anyone here like to help me develop this Storytlr site where
people can interactively login and share their stories? I have
extensive knowledge on broadband connections and have IT experience as
you can read about me here..

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see my experience in these fields.
im also a webmaster and online marketer for the past 12 years, so i
know my stuff online and off.

But its not about me really, its about what we can do for people
online. How many more Grandmas and Grandpas are gonna get robbed? and
not only them, 100rds of thousands of people are getting ripped off
and still have no clue how to avoid crooks online and are wanting to
share their stories.

So we learn from their stories and we can prevent damage and make a
difference online. if anyone out there thinks this would be cool and
would like to help build this portal, it would be awesome.

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