Storytlr 1.2 is out ! A lot of bug fixes and some nice open web features.

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Jan 20, 2013, 5:01:24 PM1/20/13
[This is a repost of this new blog post:]

Hello everyone,

Storytlr has been getting quite rusty and buggy in the past months, leaving most of you wondering if the project was dead. So, it is with great pleasure, and after a great deal of efforts, that I can finally tell you that Storytlr 1.2 is out !


I finally managed to get some time to go through the long list of issues and to merge dozens of pull requests and commits laying around. This release is stable, well tested, and with every plugin working smoothly (yes, Twitter works fine too but you need to configure some OAuth keys).


In addition, this release of Storytlr supports a lot of open web features:


  • OStatus support (partial) so that an user can follow you on your personal site. This means that Storytlr support PuSH, Activitystreams, HCard and will soon support WebFinger and Salmon.
  • IndieWeb minded, making it super easy to support either a POSSE or aPESOS approach.
  • OpenID delegation is now easy to setup through custom headers.
I don't know when release 1.3 will come and I won't make any promises. But for now I really want to keep on exploring open web integration, both in the #indieweb and #fsw world. An API to enable posting from a mobile is also high on my priorities.

The install guide has been updated, we also have an upgrade tutorial for those already running a storytlr instance.

If you want to help, there is only one way: try it out and file tickets with issues and ideas.

Thank you all,

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