Changing database backends

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Andrew Wafaa

Jul 14, 2011, 5:31:54 AM7/14/11
to Storytlr ML
Aloha all,

I'm a happy Storytlr user, and have been for some time now - heck I've
even managed to do a couple of plugins (yay, me! :-) ). One thing that
is starting to get me though is that more and more web apps are moving
away from MySQL as their default DB backend and moving to Postgresql.

Now as I'm not a developer or dba, I was wondering if someone could
advise on how difficult it would be to enable Postgresql as a backend
for Storytlr, this would simplify my implementation as I would only
need to worry about one DB etc. and the resources could be better



Andrew Wafaa
IRC: FunkyPenguin
GPG: 0x3A36312F


Jul 16, 2011, 6:40:42 AM7/16/11
to Storytlr Discuss
I discussed this a while back, not sure if it was in a bug-tracker or
on this mailing list.
The problem with moving away from MySQL is that Storytlr uses the
MyISAM full-text-search quite heavily. Perhaps another database
supports equivalent functionality... If it does then I guess it
wouldn't be that hard.

However there is not much of a point moving away from MySQL because
there is drop-in replacements such as MariaDB and Drizzle if you're
worried or tired of Oracle's fork.
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