[storm-user] Tracking Supervisors?

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Michael Segel

Dec 12, 2013, 3:13:17 PM12/12/13
to storm...@googlegroups.com
Weird thing happened to me on my test cluster(S).

I have one cluster on Centos 5, and a small cluster on Centos 6.
Both use the same Zookeeper for management. (These are really small clusters.)

I notices that even though I took down my Centos 5 Cluster, when I was restarting my nimbus and ui, the cluster found the two supervisors running on the Centos 6 machines.

What I found strange is that the storm.yamls  point to different nimbus nodes. (Centos5 points to nimbus on a Centos5 machine and Centos 6 points to nimbus on Centos 6.)

My guess is that the ZK doesn't differentiate the supervisor nodes based on who they have as Nimbus in their storm.yaml files.

Is that the case?  Or should I stop taking LSD and Meth? ;-)



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