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Dec 18, 2011, 5:29:36 PM12/18/11
to storiesonline
What do people know about "Loliwood Studios"? It seems to be a site
dedicated to sex involving people under 18. Especially in light of the
under-14 prohibition on StoriesOnline, I wondered if it might fill a
similar niche.


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Dec 18, 2011, 5:51:55 PM12/18/11
to SOL-google-group
Otakuman1 posted the following on the ASSTR Authors Yahoo group. When I mentioned SOL already has that feature his response was the universe would have characters under the age of 14.
I've got one story I was thinking of opening up into a shared universe, and I
was wondering exactly how to do that. Obviously I would have to publish that
story first, and presumably the other chapters (all following my main character
as he is introduced to the town.) That would give other authors a lot of the
background of the setting.

I've got a set of guidelines written for other authors, and I've also written a
"Welcome Pamphlet" for (fictional) immigrants to the town of the shared
universe. Authors would use their own characters. I don't mind the setting
being shared, but not my main character or secondary characters. However, some
of the characters are important to the town (a sheriff, for example), so I might
let them be used, with permission.

I was thinking of hosting the shared stories on my ASSTR page, would other
authors balk at certain restrictions (no snuff, scat, *sexual violence,
male/male stuff, etc.,) or would they accept "my universe, my rules"? There is
a plausible explanation in the guidelines for no male/male stuff. *Consensual
S&M, spankings, etc. would be allowed.

How would I advertise it, or would I? Would just posting the stories, the
welcome guide, and the guidelines for other authors show that I would welcome
other writers?

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