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Fran - SOS

Feb 14, 2015, 9:24:49 AM2/14/15
to Stopped_O...@yahoogroups.com, Stopped Our Statins Google Support Group
Hello Group Members,

The members of Stopped Our Statins on Yahoo, Google and Facebook, should be very familiar with the works of Dr. Duane Graveline. His books include, but are not limited to, "Lipitor - Thief of Memory", "Statin Drugs Side Effects" and "Statin Damage Crisis".

Dr. Graveline's focus in addition to sharing his research over the past decade has been to determine how statin damage occurs and how to reverse damage once it is triggered. His years of research are now culminating in this double blind Dolichol Study to help those damaged by statin drugs.

Dr Graveline recently posted information on his "Spacedoc" Facebook page about the upcoming Dolichol Study:
Statin drugs were designed to block the mevalonate pathway along which cholesterol is synthesized. Unfortunately CoQ10 and dolichols are also synthesized by this pathway and their reduction is responsible for most of our many adverse reactions to statins. 
CoQ10 supplements have been available for many years, but dolichols have just recently been discovered. Indications are that dolichols are even more important than CoQ10 when statin damage occurs. This study is to determine just how important dolichols are. 

Anyone in any of the Stopped Our Statins groups that's been diagnosed with myopathy, neuropathy or neuromuscular degeneration with pain, weakness, loss of balance and numbness, is encouraged to participate in this Dolichol Study. Anyone with one or more of these conditions can participate. We need to enlist at least 200 participants.

If you wish to be considered for participation in Dr Graveline's Dolichol Study, please send the following information to both of these email addresses:

Study Information

1) Name
2) Address
3) Telephone #
4) Email Address
5) Brief description of your adverse reaction(s) to statin (cholesterol lowering) drug(s).
6) Drugs taken and currently take
7) Supplements taken and currently take

More information about the study will be forthcoming.

Fran & Nate
SOS Group Owners

Bcc: DG, CW, DW, NS, 3S, SS

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