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clark and toni wright

Oct 3, 2009, 7:32:28 PM10/3/09
I don't know how I received this message, but it is interesting to me and I would like to tell you my story about statins.  If it is not of any interest to you, you know what to do with it -- no, not that.  Just flush it down the drain.
In about 1993 I had a physical and was told I had very high chlorestorol by the cardiologist at our HMO.  He immediately prescriped Zocor for me
Now, I was accustomed to playing golf daily, carrying my clubs on my back when the weather was cool enough and riding in the summer (This was in Phoenix)  I also walked a two-mile course before dinner and walked it briskly.  Three days after I began the Zocor I could not walk more than fifty feet at best without holding on to a tree.  In short, over the next 14 years I have not played golf, cannot walk without a cane on most days and my condition is worse than it ever was except that I don't fall down as much as I did.  I discovered later that the Amiodoron I was taking for atrial fibrilation was like poison to statins and vice-versa.  I stopped that as well upon a new cardiologist's advice, who told me I had been mis-treated, as a statin mixed with Amiodoron is one of the worst thinks you can do.  I can vouch for that.
I will be 80 next week and anything physical is out of the question.  It is a terrible disappointment to me because I was so active physically into my sixties and suddenly became a cripple.
If you know of anything that would help, or if you want to use this story to tell the horrible effects of statins, please use this example.
I have since been advised that high chlorestorol is a normal condition, that everyone's body is full of it and that the lowering of chlorestorol was more of of a way for the pharmecuetical makers to make money than it was to help have a healthy life.
I am only slightly bitter.  Yeah, right.
Clark Wright


Oct 4, 2009, 12:30:59 AM10/4/09
to stopped.our.statins
Hello Clark,

You joined Stopped Our Statins (Google Groups) almost 1 year ago. The
group has not been very active so I've started posting emails that I
post on my Yahoo group (with the same name). The Yahoo group has grown
to over 600 members. I'm sorry that you have suffered all these years
due to pure negligence at the hands of the medical community. There
are so many out there (all over the World really) that don't have a
clue that statins can cause very serious (life threatening) side

My husband took statins for 8 years following CABGx4 at age 52. We
complained that statins were causing numerous side effects only to be
told by our doctors, "It's a small price to pay for the benefit of
statins." About year 7 of statins, Lipitor was increased from 10mg to
20mg and that's when minor memory problems progressed to TGA
(transient global amnesia). That was over 5 years ago. Once we
discovered the link between memory and Lipitor, we stopped the drug.
His memory returned to normal for a couple of years, but then started
to decline again. He's now 65 and is experiencing persistent cognitive
decline, a right hand tremor (that appeared almost 2 years ago) and
more recently, a grand mal seizure.

We established primary care with a very dedicated Naturopathic
Physician 2 years ago. We discovered my husband was extremely
deficient in vitamin D3, magnesium, DHEA, pregnenolone, serotonin and
dopamine. He also has high levels of mercury, lead and elevated tin.
Trying to treat all of these has been a real juggling act.

I try to remain optimistic that we can correct some or all of these.
It will be a miracle if my husband of 41 years can return to his
normal, vibrant, healthy self.

I'm definitely bitter and will do everything in my power to warn the
unsuspecting of the dangers of statins.

Fran - Group Owner
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