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Jul 4, 2012, 2:59:17 PM7/4/12


During the session on Management and corporate culture hacking I would like to brainstorm with you about how we may hack the (management) culture of the organizations we are working for to get us out of the mess Stoos has identified.

For me this session is a test, if the idea of cultural hacking serves us to come up with something actionable to move the Stoos movement forward within organizations. Unless we fail during the workshop to find some hacks that are worth tying, the main part of this experiment will then actually happen later at the organizations, where we may try out what we discussed in the session. I would call the whole thing a success, if at least one Stoos Hack finds its way into an organization so that we can learn about how it worked.  

I thought about some questions to be useful for warming up and to give us a head start at the meeting. If you have more please just add to this list.

  • What is the culture of those we intend to hack? 
    Jurgen Appelo posted a kind of Persona for the Stoos Stampede Who else comes to your mind when you think about culture hacking at your place of work? 
  • What is feeling wrong in the culture? 
    Seb Paquet calls this the Crack, that are the aspects of culture to be hacked.
  • What hacks have you already tried? 
    Maybe there is someone with us who already did kind of cultural hacking and could share her/his stories and insights.

I think we should start with a check in and then see how things are developing. I'll bring a clock, Post-Its, whiteboard foil, markers and lots of curiosity what we are going to make of this. I'll also commit to capture the results on a web page in case we decide to continue with Stoos Hacking in the wild.

Looking forward to see you!


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