1960s Red Raleigh mixte taken from lower haight 4/18

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Apr 19, 2013, 7:09:25 PM4/19/13
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boohiss! my beloved city bike was stolen some time between 10:30pm on 4/17 and 9:30am on 4/18 from an apartment entryway in the lower haight. my roommate said he noticed the door propped open when he left at 7am on 4/18 and thought it was strange. that's probably when they got the bike. 

anyway, description of bike...

49-51cm red raleigh mixte, 1969 era decals. downtube shifters, heavily modified from its former life as a road bike. picture here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/calitexican/8661306520/

--mks pedals
--reflective tape on front wheel spokes and rear fender.
--shimano rear cassette 6speed, put on recently. the kind that has the "supergear" 
--velo orange porteur handlebars, rubberized cloth grips. the grip on the right hand side was starting to chip off (underneath where the pinky finger is while holding the grips
--original stem/steel crankset. makes this bike really heavy...is about 38lbs total.
--bottom bracket is on its way out.
--wald basket w/ wood. modified to have a light mount underneath on the left hand side.
--brooks saddle b17s. thing w/ the saddle is we secured it to the bike in 3 ways. stripped the bolt where the seat post connects to the frame. put shaved ballbearings with hot glue in the nut on the seat post under the saddle and again where it connects to the frame. see here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/calitexican/6522192291/

thanks all, and as always, BIKE THIEVES SUCK.

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