April 15th HWY 4 Star Party

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Apr 9, 2023, 3:42:47 PMApr 9
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Hey guys, hope you all are doing well, Happy Easter! 

Just a quick question that I didn't want to wait until Thursday's meeting to ask, Will the HWY 4 Star Party double as the Messier Marathon? Or is that on hold for now? Im eager to get observing. We finally got all the repairs from the storms done, and my personal schedule is starting to open up to where I can get the telescope out. 

Thanks in advance for any input and I'll see you all soon

-Mike Chapman

Eric Holland

Apr 9, 2023, 5:23:57 PMApr 9
to stockt...@googlegroups.com

The marathon is an attempt to observe all the Messier objects in a single night.  It happens during a short time period in March around the new moon.  Due to the weather, we had to cancel our plans.  You can only do a partial marathon now given the change in sky position and dark hours available.  There are however, several Messier objects to see on the 15th.  Please note some members may end up choosing to head up to high altitude this month as both 15th and 22nd are good for viewing given the moon phase.


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