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Alex Miller

Jun 30, 2011, 10:55:56 AM6/30/11
to STL BarCamp

Strange Loop conference
St. Louis Sept 18-20
Early bird - $250 - till **July 8th**
Regular - $325 - till Aug 19th

Strange Loop is a multi-technology conference that brings together the
creating the languages, libraries, and tools that drive tomorrow's
applications. Kind of
a giant burrito of developer wonder. Strange Loop is a hard-core tech
no marketing, just developers.

* Rich Hickey (Clojure/core)
* Gerald Sussman (MIT)
* Erik Meijer (Microsoft)
* Allen Wirfs-Brock (Mozilla)

If you're interested in languages or functional programming we've got:
* Bryan O'Sullivan (MailRank, Real World Haskell) - "Running a Startup
on Haskell"
* Joe Pamer (Microsoft) - "The Future of F#: Type Providers"
* Andrei Alexandrescu (Facebook) - "Generic Programming Galore Using
* Cliff Moon (Boundary) - "Building Polyglot Systems with Scalang"
* Howard Lewis Ship - "Metaprogramming in Java"
* Neal Ford - "Functional Thinking"
* Daniel Spiewak - "Functional Data Structures"
* Runar Bjarnason - "Scalaz: Purely Functional Programming in Scala"
* Jim Duey - "Monads Made Easy" (Clojure)
* Nate Young - "Parser Combinators" (Clojure, Haskell)
* Andrey Breslav (JetBrains) - TOP SECRET talk :)
* Yoko Harada - "Embedding Ruby and RubyGems Over RedBridge"

If you're interested in munging data check out:
* Sean Cribbs (Basho) - "SQL to Mapreduce with Riak"
* Jake Luciani (DataStax) - "Hadoop and Cassandra sitting in a
* John Hugg (VoltDB) - "New-age Transactional Systems - Not Your
Grandpa's OLTP"
* Ian Robinson (Neo4j) - "An Introduction to Doctor Who (and Neo4j)"
* Benjamin Young (CouchBase) - "Why CouchDB?"
* Richard Kreuter (10gen) - "Transactions without Transactions"
* Susan Potter - "Dynamo is not just for datastores" (Riak)

If you like concurrency or building distributed systems check out:
* Nathan Marz (BackType) - "The Secrets of Building Realtime Big Data
* Blake Mizerany (Heroku) - "On Distributed Failures" (Go)
* Brian Ketelsen (Clarity) - "Skynet: A Scalable, Distributed Service
Mesh in Go"
* Noah Zoschke (Heroku) - "Running Heroku on Heroku"
* Viktor Klang (TypeSafe) - Akka: Reloaded
* Peter Veentjer (TypeSafe) - Multiverse STM
* Wesley Beary (Engine Yard) - fog, multicloud Ruby DSL
* Cyprien Noel (ObjectFabric) - "Distributed STM: A new programming
model for the cloud"
* Zach Tellman (Runa) - "Event-Driven Programming in Clojure"
* Ben Manes, Charles Fry (Google) - "Concurrent Caching with MapMaker"
* Jeff Lindsay (Twilio) - "Distributed Systems with Gevent and ZeroMQ"
* Dale Schumacher - "Actor Interaction Patterns"
* Shaneal Manek (Greplin) - "Distributed Systems: The Stuff Nobody
Told You"
* Jonathan Seidman (Orbitz) - "Distributed Data Analysis with Hadoop
and R"
* Jeremie Miller (Singly) - "A P2P Digital Self with TeleHash"

If you build web apps you might like:
* Jeremy Ashkenas (DocumentCloud) - Coffeescript
* Yehuda Katz (SproutCore) - "Getting Truth Out of the DOM"
* Scott Gonzalez - "Building Applications with jQuery UI"
* Kyle Simpson (Getify) - "The Once and Future Script Loader"
* Matthew Taylor (Yahoo) - "A Tale of Two Runtimes"
* David Geary - "Core HTML 5 Canvas"
* Mark Volkmann - "CSS3 and Sass"
* Trotter Cashion - "Chloe and the Realtime Web"
* Danno Ferrin - "Applying Principles of Stage Magic to User
* James Williams - "Ratpack: Classy and Compact Groovy Web Apps"

If mobile is your thing:
* Mike Lee - "Product Engineering"
* Heath Borders (Asynchrony)- "Testing, Testing iOS"
* Logan Johnson (Mobilization Labs) - "Android App Assimilation"
* Eric Burke (Square) - "Taming Android"
* Scott Davis (ThirstyHead) - "Airplane-Mode HTML5: Is your website
* Kresten Krab Thorup (Trifork) - "Bringing Riak to the Mobile
* Brendan Ribera - "Mirah for Android Development"

And a few more:
* Steve Yegge (Google) - "Connecting Every Line of Code in the World"
* Dean Wampler (Think Big Analytics) - "Heresies and Dogmas in
Software Development"
* Attila Szegedi (Twitter) - invokedynamic JVM framework
* Scott Chacon (GitHub) - "A Tale of Three Trees"
* Sarah Allen (Blazing Cloud) - "Teaching Code Literacy"
* Eric Brigham (TrueCoin) - "Bitcoin: Giving Money an Upgrade"
* Bill Odom - "Vim: From Essentials to Master"
* Rich Hickey and Jeff Brown - "Learn to Play Go"
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