Sponsorship Opportunity: The Food Rush

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Matt Follett

Oct 28, 2009, 10:32:51 PM10/28/09
to stl-barcamp
Hey all,

I heard back from Wash U.  We still have time to tell them we are ordering food, but we have to give them 7 day notice.  This would normally mean we have to tell them by Saturday but I expect that it means we have to tell them by Friday since I doubt anyone would be there on Saturday.  I called their cleaning services and they told me that they charged ~$35 an hour (it was like $33.50 or so) and that a room would take an hour to clean.  I figured if we had the food in the large room and asked people to not carry it out then that would probably work out well.  It seems reasonable to assume in that case that it'll take two hours instead of just one though, which would be affectively $70 for each day of food.  If we can't get a PO in before Friday though they charge an additional $10/hour, making it $90/day.

As far as food is concerned, I'm looking at two simple options; Papa Johns or Jimmy Johns.  If we go with Papa Johns it'll cost about $13 for a one topping large pizza (plus tax).  I'm assuming 15 pizzas should feed 50 people (~3.5 people/pizza) which means that with tax it should come out to less than $220 for a meal.  If you add in 50 sodas at about a dollar a piece it'll be $270.  If we go with Jimmy Johns platters they are $52.68-$66.39 (without tax) per 30 piece platter and $26.68 $33.20 per a 15 piece platter.  If we assume that a 30 piece platter can serve 15 people then we need would need three 30 piece platters and one 15 piece platter.  This comes out to be $210, ~$230 after tax, and $280 with sodas.

So, if you are interested in sponsoring BarCamp this would be one opportunity to do so.  The breakdown is:
$90 - cleaning
$230 - food
$50 - drinks

All of those prices are high because I don't want to go back and ask people for more money, I'm hoping people will pay directly so please don't think I'm trying to poorly hide my share.

If you are interested in donating towards any of these activities please let me know.  If you donate towards soda we'll try and figure out some way to buy it without being extra work for you since it would make the most sense to buy it from CostCo or something like that but that can't be solved with a simple phone call.

If you think you know of a person or a company that would be interested in donating please help me get in touch with them or relay this information.

Also, I have a priority of providing food on Saturday instead of Sunday since that will be the higher attendance day.

Matt Follett
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