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Jan 13, 2021, 10:46:55 AMJan 13
to Stellar Developers

Hello everyone,

Yesterday, we released Horizon v1.13.1.  Download it and read the full release notes here:


This version of Horizon fixes a bug in the /fee_stats endpoint that could lead to invalid stats if fee bump transactions were included in the ledger.  As always, we encourage you to install this new version of Horizon and to keep your software up to date.  Good hygiene, people!  

Since we're talking about fees…

There have been a lot of questions about fees lately.  If you're getting a timeout error from Horizon when submitting a transaction, there's a good chance that the network is in surge pricing mode, and that you simply need to increase your fee bid.

Recall that fees on Stellar are dynamic: when you submit a transaction to the network, you specify the maximum base fee you’re willing to pay per operation, but you’re actually charged the lowest possible fee based on network activity.  When the network is not in surge pricing mode, you'll pay the network minimum — a value validators vote on via SCP — which is currently 100 stroops.  When the network enters surge pricing mode, your fee submission serves as a bid in what is essentially a VCG auction.  

You can read all about how fees work here: https://developers.stellar.org/docs/glossary/fees/

Good rule of thumb: when crafting a transaction, submit the highest fee you're willing to pay!  

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