Distribute dividends after the ICO

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Equipe Mid

Apr 10, 2021, 12:21:36 PMApr 10
to Stellar Developers

Hello Community
    I have doubts about dividend distribution after an ICO. I will try to be as clear
    as possible.

    For example, the ICO has been finalized. But Bob, Maria, Thelma bought TOKEN
    and received of the Distributor's account.
    365 days have passed and the company wants to pay (dividends)
    proportionally 20% of the company's profit to Bob, Maria and Thelma.

    Payments will be in Lumens (XLM). The question is how to do this,
    at STELLAR, there is a form of intelligence contract where
    I deposit the 20% profit of the company and does this contract distribute
    to the buyers of the company token?

    Using the account created as a Distributor, it would be a good idea to
    obtain all buyers (with the public key), and
    proportionally send the company's profit. Where first, of course I
    make an XLM deposit in the Distributor account
    and then I create a transfer script.

    :: Detail ::
      The company will not create a wallet for the user / buyers of the Token,
       in the ICO the Tokens will be transferred to wallet existing buyer 

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