How to Setup Sending test Anchors on SEP-0031.

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Muhammad Ali Ismaeel

Apr 10, 2021, 12:21:21 PMApr 10
to Stellar Developers

Hi Stellar developers,

I need help to set up our dev environment for remittances using SEP-0031. Hereafter loads of research and some tries, To be able to do setup things we tried setting up the SEP-0031 Anchor server, which we managed to do successfully, but now we are unable to get the required info from the API endpoints, we followed a youtube video on SEP-0024 and made changes for SEP-0031 in the stellar channel, seems like we missed something. I have the below question if someone can answer, please.

Is there any documentation available on how to set up sending anchor on the test net? As a company offering money transfers we need a sending anchor on test net to transfer fiat currency, any doc/video link would help a lot to set up the server right, Moreover, If person A is sending 100$ Into the U.K from abroad, how would we get the exchange rate from the stellar network from $ to £. 


Lydia Wagner

Apr 26, 2021, 8:14:45 PM (11 days ago) Apr 26
to Stellar Developers
Hi Muhammad,

Thanks for your interest in our SEP-31 protocol. Did you happen to run across our documentation page for cross-border payments?

To test sending or receiving real assets you’ll need to work with a partner, but we have a new demo wallet that allows you to see how the endpoints for a SEP-31 payment should work. 

Who determines the exchange rate can depend on several factors, but a couple ways we've seen anchors do this is by using Kelp or StellarX.

Hope this helps! Currently our documentation for receivers is more comprehensive than that for senders, but we have plans to update it in the next few months.

Best, Lydia

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