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Welcome to stellar-dev.  This group is here to discuss Core Advancement Proposals (CAPs) and Stellar Ecosystem Proposals (SEPs), and to talk about development of stellar-core, Horizon, and the rest of the Stellar platform.  It’s the right place to participate in—and stay up to date on—conversations that move the protocol and ecosystem standards forward. 

It’s not the right place to ask general questions about Stellar, or to get help with technical issues.  For those, please head over to the Stellar Stack Exchange. 


  • Be kind

  • Remember that posts should be about the Stellar protocol and ecosystem standards

  • Generally encouraged: ideas for CAPs and SEPs, stellar-core implementation suggestions, Horizon implementation suggestions, upgrade notifications, changes to Stellar SDKs, and the discussions that follow.

  • Generally discouraged: requests for technical support, general questions about Stellar, anything that can be construed as marketing for a project, trading talk or speculation.

Other Channels

If you have general question about Stellar, or you’re having trouble with Stellar-core, Horizon, or one of the Stellar SDKs, please use one of these channels:

  • Stellar Stack Exchange: a great place to ask and answer questions, and to find questions that have already been asked and answered

  • Stellar Public Keybase: the open-participation channel in the end-to-end encrypted messaging app where you can always find Stellar devs willing to talk

  • Galactic Talk: a community-run site for making announcements, asking questions, and interacting with other Stellar devs