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Dear Steinwurf users!

The purpose of this mailing list is to address potential issues or questions regarding our software.

First of all, please read and follow our Getting Started guide before asking any questions here:

If for some reason your project does not build or you have any other issues after precisely following the
instructions in our guide, please post your issue here and we will try to help.

Please follow these guidelines when posting on the mailing list to make the workflow efficient and simple:
  1. Before submitting your question, please check if it has been already answered, as most of the basic questions tend to be the same!
  2. Do not reply to previously opened threads if they are not related to your question!
  3. Please state your goals clearly when asking a question!  At first, try to provide a concise general description. You can add more details later based on our feedback/questions.
  4. Please explain when/where the problem occurs and what error you get. Always save the full output of the failing command to a text file and attach that text file to your email. Do not send us screenshots, because they do not show the full output!
  5. Please specify the version of your operating system (e.g. Ubuntu 16), your Python (e.g. 2.7.10) and your C++ compiler (e.g. g++ 6.1) when you report an issue.
  6. Also specify which Steinwurf repository (e.g. kodo-rlnc, kodo-rlnc-c, kodo-slide, fifi, score) you are using in your program. Before reporting any issues, please check that you have the latest release of that repository, because the potential issue might be already fixed in the latest version! Please understand that we cannot support old versions of our software. 
  7. If the error is related to your own source file, please attach that file to your email. If you have a complex program, then you should try to create a minimal standalone example that we can run to reproduce your issue (you can use one of our existing examples as a starting point). If the issue is not reproducible in a standalone example, then you might have a bug somewhere in your own code.
Disclaimer: We will not correct your source code, but we might give you some advice about the underlying issues :)

Also, feel free to tell us what we should add to improve our examples and documentation!