how to setup Steam Community in php

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Suraj Sah

Feb 8, 2016, 1:14:38 AM2/8/16
to Steam Condenser
i downloaded steam-condenser-php and i uploaded the content on my ftp.
As it said in installation part of "" I opened composer.json and put 
{ "require": { "koraktor/steam-condenser": "~1.3.10" } }

And after, i ceated a example.php, in the root of steam-condenser-php-master/ folder, with this code:

$server = new GoldSrcServer('', 27017);
echo $server

but when i go the example.php page, i have a blank page and nothing show any error or message

I searched everywhere but i don't see another instructions to use this tool.

Sebastian Staudt

Feb 8, 2016, 1:19:45 AM2/8/16
to Steam Condenser

You require the stable version (1.3.10) in your composer.json file, but your file is in steam-condenser-php-master/?
I'd recommend to check your project setup and maybe read this:
Additionally, your project's files do not belong into Steam Condenser's directory (or any library's directory for that matter).

Your code looks fine, but you might need some require statements.
And a last tip: Is your question really a GoldSrc server (old HL1 engine)? If not, please use SourceServer.

PS: Please do not post multiple (near) identical messages to this list.

Best regards,

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