Have updated a draft roadmap to a steady state economy - inviting criticism

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Feb 13, 2015, 11:07:22 AM2/13/15
to steady...@googlegroups.com
I have not updated explanatory pages of comments but the 2nd page (graphical) of the document below, a published Google document, has been updated.  In particular a track of things trying to be cognizant of Harris theory (how human society really works, which isn't pretty) has been added.  It is a lot to look at on one page.  However it seemed as if having a summary timeline, however imperfect or unblessed, would be a good thing to be able to point to as a trial balloon or proof of seriousness in thinking things through in a pragmatic way.

I have extremely thick skin, so feel free to blast away with critiques if the spirit moves you.   

Ishi Crew

Feb 13, 2015, 12:24:58 PM2/13/15
to steady...@googlegroups.com
here's my comment. i definately like the mention of pigou taxes.  its sort of common sense, but like alot of common sense it gets associated with a label or name. all the rest looks basically ok. i would say there is alot more in  the cultural evolution tradition than harris (he seems to have the basic macro theory, but the micro theory includes boyd and richerson (culture and the evolutionary process '85) and even behavioral economics---largely used to dupe people b businesses---see who ariely of duke gets paid by). i do hope you have a thick skin---when i was a toddler i told my parents' i don't need you, i don't know you, so go away'. 
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