Going to the Ecological Economics conference in Vancouver CA in October

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Jun 6, 2015, 1:38:54 PM6/6/15
to steady...@googlegroups.com

There is some nice news to share:  for an October conference on ecological economics (http://www.canussee2015.org/) I submitted as a poster presentation a draft roadmap to a steady economy (viewable at https://goo.gl/vnHuAj ).  That was accepted so I'm planning to go to the conference in early October.  I have no ego about this, I just happened to have the time and means to go and I'm hoping to encourage pragmatic thinking about an SSE.  I wanted to ask two questions of the group, and would welcome any feedback:

- thanks to feedback from this group, the draft roadmap has evolved, losing some milestones and gaining others.  I'd like to give credit where credit is due. If anyone cares to have their name added to a line such as "Input from <list of persons>", please chime in here and I'll be happy to get in touch via email to see how your name should appear, etc.  I can look up your email from the group member list, which I have access to.

- If anyone has any additional thoughts, critiques, concerns, or requests for the conference please let me know.  I'm hoping to bring some sign up sheets for conference attendees willing to endorse the CASSE position statement, while stressing that I'm there in a volunteer capacity, am not officially representing CASSE, and so on.

David Kerrigon

Jun 7, 2015, 1:58:24 PM6/7/15
to steady...@googlegroups.com
Excellent! I hope the conference is inspiring for you. 

Ishi Crew

Jun 10, 2015, 12:36:43 PM6/10/15
to steady...@googlegroups.com
I am a bit skeptical of both 'single authors' each with their own recipe for success, and also conferences as a way of achieving it ---there is some sort of tradeoff between communication and face to face interaction, and these just being 'junkets' (often funded by taxpayers via universities, where most people spend time, say , on the beach).   given those provisos,  i think an 'abstract/summary/ in plain words might be useful (the first written page goes right into pigou taxes, etc.).  also, a brief discussion of how or whether your model/idea/plan differs from any others, maybe with some references. (in science people do replicate results---experiments, theorems, simplify them). but also there is a tendency for people to rewrite the same calculus or economics textbook multiple times, usually for their CV with the hope it will be adopted by some university or lead to a grant and hence make alot of money.  

also the 'open problems' page i think underestimates some current issues---eg technology, how capitalism and culture operate (check out china or the mideast for example). some of these 'what we should do recipes' remind of some little kid trying to stop some adults in a domestic violence situation---'lets be reasonable, like you taught me; reply---whack---get out of the way'
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