Roots Project Scoop: Sen Pryor to support Lieberman "no matter what the outcome" of CT-Primary

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Matt Browner-Hamlin

Jul 6, 2006, 12:25:32 AM7/6/06

Hoosier Roots Project podcaster Fini Finito scored big dirt on Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor, who is committing to support Joe Lieberman regardless of the wishes of the Democratic voters of Connecticut. How'd he do it? By calling up the Senator's office and asking his staff to go on the record about his position on Lieberman's announcement that he will run as an independent if he doesn't win the CT primary.

Here’s my transcript ( of Fini Finito’s conversation with Pryor’s Deputy Communications Director Crystal Waitekus (last name has not been confirmed) from earlier today. You can hear the audio here, about three minutes into the podcast (


Crystal: I spoke with our communications director about it. He’s the one who gave me the official word, so, um, so, yeah.

Fini: Could you just repeat what you told me in our conversation previously?

Crystal: I wrote it down, hold on let me find it for you. I’m kind of new at this.

Fini: And you’re with Senator Pryor’s office, correct?

Crystal: Yes. The senator will be supporting Lieberman no matter what the outcome.

Fini: Thank you very much, I appreciate that.


Pryor is the DSCC Southern Vice Chair, so it’s disappointing to hear him cast doubt on the value of the Connecticut primary when it looks like the DSCC will support the winner.

Pryor, along with fellow Gang of Fourteen Senator Salazar, has chosen his pal Joe over the idea of the Democratic Party and is fully prepared to ignore the outcome of the August 8th primary. With moderate Dems like Biden and Boxer going to campaign for Lieberman and Russ Feingold and Hillary Clinton promising to support the decision of Connecticut’s Democratic voters, the divisions between Senate Dems are getting sharp.

Pryor and Salazar have proved themselves horrendously out of touch with the most basic processes that make the democratic ideal manifest. Lieberman’s decision - and Pryor and Salazar’s pledge to stand by Joe - are indicative of a startling level of disdain for democracy and the Democrats who have voted them into office. Democratic voters have no obligation to stand by these turncoat Dems who are enabling Lieberman to cut and run from the Party.

Call your senators and put pressure on them to support the decision of Connecticut's voters. Call the DSCC. Call Pryor and Salazar and let them know we don’t want Democrats to support former Dems over real Dems. Our elected officials' response to Lieberman's actions have tremendous consequences for the power of the average citizen's vote and we can't stand by while some senators try to undermine the democratic process to help their buddy.


Matt Browner-Hamlin

PS--The podcast linked above includes an interview with IL-14 candidate John Laesch, running against Dennis Hastert, who recommends people get out to CT in force to help Ned out.



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