ATTN: NSA Oversight Needs Help - Call your Senators!

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Jul 21, 2006, 2:32:12 PM7/21/06

[Forwarded on behalf of Roots Project facilitator Matt Browner-Hamlin, whose
email was acting funky.   This is an important action alert on NSA oversight 
ultimately from Glenn Greenwald, and since we're tweaking the National
Alerts process at the new site, we wanted to get this out to you in the
google system so it won't be lost.  -- Pach]

Hey there Rootsters,

As you head into your much-needed weekend, I hope you take the time to
come over and register as a member of the Roots Project new site
( There's already a great number of Roots
Project email list members who've made the transition and joined groups
in their state, congressional district, and along many issue lines. The new
site will allow Rootsters from all around the country to work together and
promote each others ideas and projects beyond our local groups.

I'll be honest, there's a tremendous amount of stuff to play around with on
the new site. It's easy to get started and once you're there, there are
many conversations taking place. Plan on spending a chunk of time this
weekend to really get a feel of the site and it's features. We're still in our
beta testing phase and we need you guys to give us feedback about
what you think about the
site ( ).
Lambert, our site designer, has written a handy guide on how to use the
site and it's a great first stop to familiarize yourself with the functionality
( ).

We're also engaging in our first advocacy push on the new site. We need
you guys to call your senators and find out how they plan to vote on Arlen
Specter's legislation that will undercut efforts to have judicial and
congressional oversight on Bush's domestic surveillance program
We have set up a thread for Rootsters to post the results of their calls, so
please come by and fill us in

I hope to see you over at the new site soon. The Roots Project has
developed a great community of activists on the Google Groups, but the
possibilities are limitless as we come together in one place. Join us!


Matt Browner-Hamlin



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