Help: Volunteers Needed to Collect Ideas from Discussion Thread!!

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Jul 10, 2006, 7:58:16 PM7/10/06
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Some of you who frequent the blog Firedoglake may recall the discussion we had about a week ago about how the Democratic Party might effectively reach out to its strongest, most progressive base constituency:  single women.  That discussion occurred here:

You'll be happy to know that a number of progressive activists friendly to the blogosphere, but not all based within it, are very interested not only in promoting this agenda, but in collecting and tabulating the ideas brought forth by the FDL community. 

Mary did some great work summarizing all that community brainstroming at the link below, but we want to take the next step to collect and comb through all the data in a systematic way:

We'd like to see if we can get anyone together to comb through the above discussion thread to collect and perhaps categorize all the ideas in it.  I think it's a fantastic project, and one where, if you can help, you can really make a difference.  Taylor Marsh, whom you may know through her writing at FDL and her own blog,, will be taking the lead with a handful of people to get this little project done.

I'd like to ask for a project team of volunteers, perhaps 3 or 4 people, to work on this together, making the load light for everyone.  Once I get you together, Taylor will get you all started, helping you understand what is needed, and you can all figure out together how you will divide the task.  At least one person should be pretty good with Microsoft Excel, I expect, as it will be helpful to put the data into some such format.  Experience creating categories for text based data is also a plus.

If you are interested in this project, which, in its way, could be historic, please send me an email, and I'll get people together on this as quickly as possible.

Thanks in advance for your consideration of this task and have a great weekend!

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