Question about adding (my) extensions in Extension Manager Registry?

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Vasileios Pothos

Sep 16, 2023, 5:18:39 AMSep 16
to StarUML
At the end of July I had send two extensions I' had create to the ``, based on the guidance of the corresponding article, requesting to check and add them in the Extension Manager's Registry, thus anyone to be able to have access to them.

These extensions, which I use extensively - especially after adding shortcuts to them - are:
I had send the e-mails via the e-mail account of my github's account.

However till now I have not get any response back (no feedback), neither the extensions are in the StarUML's registry. Thus I am very curious on what has happened; if I need to take any other actions for them to be published for the other users to access and use them to their needs.

Is it possible anyone from here to provide me any feedback?


Sep 16, 2023, 5:30:51 AMSep 16
to StarUML

We asked you to create a release to add in the extension registry, but you didn't until now. Please read this carefully:

StarUML Team

2023년 9월 16일 토요일 오후 6시 18분 39초 UTC+9에 vasileio...@gmail.com님이 작성:

Vasileios Pothos

Sep 18, 2023, 10:27:00 AMSep 18
to StarUML
Wow! I had completely forgotten to generate the releases! Sorry!

That was the feedback I was need; If I had not asked I would probably give up on waiting for the plugins to become available!

I created the releases, and send again the e-mails - one for each plugin. I hope I did it right this time!

Again, sorry!
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