Attrubutes in a N-ary Association

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Jean Fex

May 24, 2022, 11:20:24 AMMay 24
to StarUML
I need to have attributes for a ternary association. I started with my 3 classes plus a class for the association-class then added an N-ary Association node and related the N-ary node to each of the 3 classes with association edges expecting to reach the following result:
I tried relating the N-ary node to the association-class with the Association-Class edge but it adds an association between the N-ary node and the association-class plus a new class linked with dashed edge to this additional association.
I tried putting the Association-class edge on the N-ary node and it adds a reflexive association on it with a new class linked to it with a dashed edge.
I added the attribute under the N-ary association in the Model Explorer but it doen't appear in the diagram.
I obtained the above diagram by using a Note-link edge between the N-ary and the association class. Then I the dragged the association class under the N-ary in the Model Explorer.
I believe that the Association-class edge in the Toolbox should do it.
Thanks for your understanding.
Best regerds,


May 25, 2022, 12:22:19 AMMay 25
to StarUML
Hi Jean,

Thank you for your feedback with detailed explanation.

It is a bug with Association-class edge and it will be fixed in next minor release.

Thank you,

2022년 5월 25일 수요일 오전 12시 20분 24초 UTC+9에 jean...@yahoo.fr님이 작성:


Jun 14, 2022, 1:17:15 AMJun 14
to StarUML
Now fixed in v5.0.2.

StarUML Team

2022년 5월 25일 수요일 오후 1시 22분 19초 UTC+9에 StarUML님이 작성:
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