Bug report: In FlowChart, with autoresize & no-warp large single-line text symbols are wrong.

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Vasileios Pothos

Oct 28, 2023, 4:06:34 AM10/28/23
to StarUML

I tend to use `autoresize & no-warp` format in symbols in FlowChart diagrams. I've noticed that when the text becomes at some point significant regarding the name of a component, then some symbols, usually containing designs in their left and right sides, becomes ugly, unusual and mess up with the text.

In the following figure I show an example. In all the cases it seems that the shapes at the left and right side, if they are not vertical lines, they are adjusted based on the width of the component, which leads to wrong visuals.
I think a solution might be to keep for the left/right sides a fixed width (i.e. break the component in left, center and right parts, and only the center part to change width, with text only placed there).

In any case, in every column as it's now it's actually presented a different graphic (i.e. in second row, in every column the angle of the vertical lines (/) is different - depending the width!), with the text messing up with the graphics. This seems more like a bug.

I am using StarUML 6.0.1
I also attach and the corresponding .mdj file.




Oct 29, 2023, 10:12:08 PM10/29/23
to StarUML

Thank you for your feedback. This issue has been posted on our issue tracking system.

Thank you,

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