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About StarThinker

StarThinker is a Google built python framework for creating and running re-usable workflow components on Google Cloud infrastructure. To make it easier for partners and clients to work with some of our advertsing solutions, the gTech team has open sourced this framework as a reference implementation. Our goal is to make managing data workflows using Google Cloud as fast and re-usable as possible, allowing teams to focus on building advertising solutions.

Welcome To The StarThinker Assets Group

Joining this group will unlock all StarThinker open source assets, such as Sheets or Data Studio pages, required to fully implement some of the end to end solutions in StarThinker.
  1. Your email is NOT visible to any other member of the group. 
  2. All emails, messaging, posting, or communication within the group is disabled.  
  3. Google nor the StarThinker team will never use this group for communication.  
  4. Joining the group once will grant access to ALL StarThinker assets.
  5. You can leave this group anytime. 

How To Join

Click the blue Join group button above, under the title Starthinker Assets (Public) above. Immediately after joining, you will be able to access all assets from the Solution Gallery.  
If you cannot see the join button:
  1.  Make sure you are signed in with a google account, see upper right Sign In button.
  2.  You may already be a member.
  3.  For further help email

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