xml2hum (previously), musicxml2hum (now): how to prepare the files?

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Erica Bisesi

Jul 16, 2021, 2:35:22 AM7/16/21
to starstarhug

Dear Community,

I am here again with a quite troublesome question regarding the way to prepare a kern file.
It is not a new issue, I have been living with it for long time, and if I didn't post anything before was just because I had a tricky strategy to overcome the problem. But now it's maybe time to discuss it.

The thing is that if I create a score with Musecore (or Finale), and this score has more than 1 voice (emphasized by different colors on the interface), after exporting the score as xml, the conversion into kernfile does not work.


If you need an example to work with, here it is.

Files (source and xml):

Error message:
erica@MBP-di-Erica Desktop % musicxml2hum Sonetto_104_del_Petrarca.xml > Sonetto_104_del_Petrarca.krn
Previous line is: =    =
Error on line 5:
   Expected 2 fields,    but found 3
Line is: 2r    2g#    2rBByy

Should not get here in analyzeSpineStrands()
Should not get here in analyzeSpineStrands()


My previous solution was to split the voices into different files by creating  ( :-( ... manually) as many source files as the number of voices, converting each source file into a different xml file, converting each xml file into a different kernfile (at the time, by means of xml2hum), then use minrhy and timebase to align the newly created kernfiles, and assemble to create the final kernfile on which to conduct the analyses.

My question is:
Is there some way to avoid this long procedure, maybe by means of some other tool?
I am confident there is, as on the website there are so many scores, also entire symphonies, that it seems unlikely that my method could have been the only way to create them.

Thanks again,
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